The Old Apple Tree Project

The oldest apple tree in the Pacific Northwest dates back to 1826 and is located in the middle of a highway interchange six miles from downtown Portland. We grafted a series of twelve descendent apple trees from this historic tree and planted them throughout the Portland-Vancouver vicinity with residents and local organizations. Planting sites included residential front yards, the Multnomah County Library, and the Oregon Historical Society. Each tree is accompanied by a public plaque stating its historical significance and who planted it. A newspaper synthesizes a range of perspectives surrounding the tree and shares its complex history with contributions from archeologist Robert Cromwell, artist Fritz Haeg, Public Outreach Manager Eliza Canty-Jones of the Oregon Historical Society, and curator of Native American Art Deana Dartt-Newton of the Portland Art Museum.

Project by
Nolan Calisch and Molly Sherman

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Publication Signage 2013